Thursday, August 16, 2018

Purrs Music

I just discovered my favorite local band released a new album August third.


Beth said...

Ooh! I really like this track! Thanks, Jim!

The male vocals remind me of someone, maybe from the '80s. Any thoughts? It's bugging me! :o )

Jim Marquis said...

From the very first time I ever heard them, I thought the lead singer sounded like Alice Cooper. And I also think he kind of looks like A.C. as well.

So glad you liked the track. What are some other rock bands you're into?

Beth said...

Hmm, that's interesting. Alice. Though not the person I'm thinking of, even though I can't think of that person!

As for other bands, you're the reason I'm not entirely hopeless and constantly muttering about the noise kids are listening to these days!

Though I do really like Brian Ray's solo stuff and work with The Bayonets when he's not standing beside Sir Paul onstage. "I Found You" is infectious, especially during the summer with the windows down and the moonroof open.

Jim Marquis said...

I had not heard of that person or group. Will give him/them a listen.

Have a good weekend!

Beth said...

Oh, good, glad to return the musical favorite in a small way!

Brian's good people and pretty active on Twitter, FYI.

Have a good weekend, too!