Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Disconnected and Deadly

An excellent piece on the way social isolation creates angry white males.

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Darrell Michaels said...

So according to the Marxist author of this article, capitalism is the cause for our disenfranchisement, loneliness, and homicidal tendencies. I find that amazing considering that Communism is responsible for millions more deaths than any other faith or ideology in the 20th Century alone.

Perhaps the isolation, loneliness, and despair that leads to these horrific killing sprees has more to do with the direction our culture has taken in recent decades. We are increasingly becoming a post-Christian nation. We care only about issues and people for as much as they benefit us personally, and no more. We have embraced technology to the point that our relationships are more often made up of nebulous Facebook friends than actual meaningful and fulfilling personal face-to-face relationships. We have become too focused on ourselves instead of others. We look to see the wonderful lives our "friends" are living on FB and wonder why we don't have it all figured out ourselves? What is wrong with us? That further isolates us.

And then we have the culture of death that continues to encroach upon our society. Pregnant? Don't want to have the nuisance kid? Well, abort it and move on. Except often times our consciences won't let us forget what we have done, thus further isolating us. Grandma or our elderly parent has no great "quality of life", well perhaps we should help them end their miserable earthly existence. And if that pain and suffering can be ended for them, then perhaps we can end our own pain and suffering by submerging ourselves into alcohol or drugs. When that only exacerbates matters, then we can take our loneliness, pain, isolation, and fury and make everyone else pay for it by getting a gun or a Home Depot truck and mowing everyone down until the anger and pain subsides.

The problem is not capitalism. The problem is our all-encompassing focus on ourselves and our wants, needs, and desires. We have buried God, so we might as well bury everyone else that has let us down.