Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Delicious Bit of Historical Irony

Crooked traitor Mike Flynn speaking at the RNC convention last summer...


T. Paine said...

Flynn broke the law and lied to the V.P. He deserves to have been fired.

One wonders if you were that upset and would be willing to use the word "traitor" against Hillary when she accepted large "donations" to her Clinton Foundation by foreign nationals and companies having business before the U.S. State Department? (Including the selling of a significant part of our Uranium reserves to Russia?)

jim marquis said...

Why do you guys always do that? You can never just defend the person you voted into office.

And the latest new is that the whole frickin' Trump campaign team was cozying up with the Russians during our presidential campaign.

T. Paine said...

I did NOT vote for Trump. I think he is a vulgar narcissist and is frankly dangerous. (And no, I sure as hell didn't vote for Hillary either. She belongs in prison.)

The Russians are NOT our friends. I don't think America should be intentionally antagonistic towards Russia, but we need to be very wary of them. If Trump or any part of his team was doing anything illegal in collusion with Russia, then they should be dismissed and prosecuted. It should not be up to someone inside the government that doesn't like Trump to "leak" classified information in order to get things done. Probable cause, a warrant, and the proper authorities are the way to handle law breaking.

I don't care which party a person is a member thereof. I am concerned with following the Constitution and the rule of law. If the person is Democrat or Republican or what-have-you, it matters not. I will applaud when a politician does good and condemn their bad or unconstitutional actions. Trump has done some good things thus far and some bad. I have stated my opinions on both. I also gave credit when it was due to President Obama. The problem was that there was very few times when he actually did something that wasn't unconstitutional or extra-constitutional.

jim marquis said...

Glad to hear you didn't vote for him.

The only problem with hoping the "proper authorities" will handle this mess is the fact his political party controls Congress currently. Ryan and McConnell seem pretty set on putting love of power over love of country.