Monday, October 24, 2016

When Hate Drives You Mad

The Republicans have only hurt themselves with their hysterical hatred of Obama.


Snave said...

I think much of this article is spot on. If the election is a landslide for the Democrats, the Republicans can look at their strategy over the past eight years and realize it didn't work... or they'll just double down on the same approach. I'm not confident in their ability to step back, analyze, and admit mistakes were made.

MRMacrum said...

"Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues have turned the party of Lincoln into the party of hate."

That sums it up nicely.

T. Paine said...

"When Hate Drives You Mad", indeed. I guess you were one of the myriads that assumed that the corrupt and evil Hillary would beat the arrogant buffoon Trump easily. Did you ever assume that their hate of Trump before he ever even took office would dwarf that shown towards Obama?

We need to stop demonizing each other and see each other as Americans, albeit with differing points of view. Until we can sit down and talk despite our differences, the maddening hate will only continue to grow until the conflagration consumes all of us.