Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Strange Choice

Why do many Christians support a weasel like Trump?


Jay Jankovich said...

Well I can tell you why I'll support Trump over Hillary Clinton, and make no mistake I can't stand fucking Trump. In a word... guns.

Hillary Clinton and her husband were the most anti-gun leaders in America from 1992-2000 and if not for that issue I'd support HRC over Trump.

I'm not even remotely alone in that.

What, you thought that wouldn't have consequences? It hurt you bad in 2000 and apparently you Democrats never learn.

MRMacrum said...

I find it interesting that so many folks leaning to the Right, lean with with one hand holding tight to one issue only. And more often than not, they hold onto an issue that in the long run means nothing. Abortion - well, women will find ways to abort. They always have and always will. Never mind the laws in place. Guns, well that horse left the barn years ago. There is almost a gun per citizen in this country. No law will make much of a dent in that number. The folks arguing for their right to bear arms are not going to lose their right of owning a weapon. It will just be illegal. Somehow, I do not think a law will make those folks turn in their guns. Immigration? Please. No wall will keep them out.

But these single issue folks can delude themselves that life in the USA will somehow be perfect if they can force women to give birth or they can pack a sidearm the next time they go to Walmart, or that a wall will protect them from the evil all those stinkin furriners pack into the country.

Jay Jankovich said...

Sorry but the last Clinton passed an assault weapons ban. And the stupid ass Brady Bill. I had friends go to federal prison for violating those laws, even though the same assault weapons ban has long expirex and had my friends committed thier "crimes" today it would be perfectly legal. HRC and Trump are nearly equally terrible leaders except for that one exception on that single issue.

MRMacrum said...

First of all, my point was not about guns. It was about the fact that too many people vote based on their one pet issue.They give their votes up too easily to hucksters who will tell them anything to get elected. When the time comes to step up with real support for their issue, more often than not, they are left disappointed because they thought one man/woman had that much power.

How a candidate stands on the issues is a small part of what we should be using to pick a president. And certainly to use just one issue is a recipe for voting in an asshole who will end up screwing the lot of us.

Trump has already proven to not only be a liar, but his record of sleazy business dealings and egomania over the years is making even the hardened pols in DC nervous. This is not a man any of us should want in office regardless what he promises.

Let me be clear that I am not a fan of Hillary or gun control. I frankly do not care about guns. It is a waste of time worrying about something that is uncontrollable. And Hillary is just a moderate Republican trying look like a Democrat. I am a Bernie fan. He probably will not get the nomination and I will be forced to pick between Hillary and whatever GOP clown ends up as their nominee. Hillary has way more real experience than all the GOP clowns combined. I will hold my nose and vote for her. She will be able to make the tough decisions a president needs to make. She is a tough old bird.

And BTW - Clinton did not pass the Assault weapons bill, not the Brady Bill. He signed them. Be pissed at Congress.