Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What A Pompous Little Man


free0352 said...

Just because you have a large budget doesnt mean much. Remember not long ago Hillary was a first term Senator whose soul qualification was being the wife Bill Clinton cheated on. And now shes a failed SecState. Look how far shes come.

clif said...

shes a failed SecState

You and a few extremist righ6t wingers are the only people holding the delusional opinion.

clif said...

Rand Paul lived most of his life sucking off the government, from his fathers congress pay (since the 70's) to all the Medicaid and Medicare he took in. By his own admission he took in 50 percent of his income is Medicare and 5 percent is Medicaid.

Just like Ayn Rand who howled against government help then asked for both Social security and Medicare payments, after her meth fueled writing career.

Full fledged hypocrites which people on the extreme right wing worship for some strange reason

Snave said...

I think Rand Paul is just testing the waters for a presidential run in 2016. Making a supposed "show of strength" against "the liberals" is how I think he is trying to establish himself. He is trying to define himself before the left can define him.

I also think he will be far easier to define than some of the others (Rubio, Christie, Ryan, etc.) His views are pretty far to the right for most Americans.

I believe they're all trying to start the 2016 campaign a wee bit early. If any of them (Republicans AND Democrats) were smart, they would wait a couple of years before diving in. I'm not convinced Clinton could win if she ran anyway, because the GOP will still be talking about Bengahzi four years from now (possibly for lack of anything else to talk about and maybe partially because they are terrified of her).

free0352 said...

I think the overall posture of the US situation against Al'Queda is so bad, anyone near it will be screwed. Case in point, we have AQ sympathizers who have taken over Egypt, Algeria, and Mali and have made huge gains in Somalia and Yemen. Dude, at this rate Al'Queda is about to take over Africa... and Hillary's helped make it happen during the "Arab Spring" which is starting to look like it was the "Al'Queda Spring"

My guess is in a few years when AQ starts launching attacks on the west out of the relative safety of their North African strongholds Hillary will end up being remembered as the SecState who handed Al'Queda their biggest victory in 10 years.

clif said...

Freebee said;

My guess

is wrong as usual but keep pushing your extreme far right wing fairy tales if you feel better about them.

T. Paine said...

Snave, I suspect you are right about Rand Paul's long term motivations. That said, right now, he seems to be about the only one with the cojones to call a spade a spade. Kudos to him for that. Normally I wouldn't give him much of a chance at winning the presidency, but after four more years of Obama, assuming we have a nation left, Rand Paul may indeed be a strong viable candidate.

As for Hillary, I don't understand why she is so celebrated by the left. What exactly has she accomplished of merit as Secretary of State? Al Qaida is in ascendancy and it is largely due to her and our feckless foreign policy from the Obama administration. Quite the accomplishment!

jim marquis said...

Rand Paul will fare approximately as well as his father in the next round of GOP primaries. In other words, he'll have a small, rabid, ineffective following.

jim marquis said...

And TP, I find it a little pitiful when you moan about us not being a nation in four years because your candidate didn't win last November. I hated Bush and Cheney to my core but always had faith this great country would be around long after they left Washington.

T. Paine said...

Jim, it is possible that you may be right regarding Rand Paul. Maybe not. Time will tell.

As for me moaning about the demise of America, it is not simply because “my candidate” lost. I fully acknowledge that Republicans and Democrats both are responsible for the sorry state of affairs of our nation economically and as far as our liberties are concerned. George W. Bush was quite guilty of exacerbating the problems too. My “moaning” is because while Bush added trillions to the debt during his eight years in office, Obama came in and doubled that amount in only four. This is unsustainable.

Quantitative Easing and digitizing money will ultimately create a huge inflationary cycle. We will not be able to pay our debts and sustain our economy if we continue to spend what we do not have. It is akin to a drunk trying to drink himself to sobriety. It is the foolishness of both parties that got us here. It isn’t “my guy lost so I think the world is ending”. My guy would likely have only slowed down the coming crash. Obama has accelerated it, and seemingly on purpose so that the coming crash will allow government to transform America in totality and “save” us all. It isn’t about politics. It is about constitutional and economic realities that are being ignored. That is why our nation is doomed. The fact that you, progressives, and even many so-called conservatives don’t see this only means that the tipping point will be reached soon, if we aren’t already there. Coming back from the brink at that point will no longer be possible.