Thursday, January 17, 2013

So Now We Can't Even Agree On The Calendar?


Dave Splash said...

So perfectly sums up the Glenn Beck crowd.

free0352 said...

I know a lot of people that think Sandy Hook was a government conspiracy just like I know a lot of people who think 9-11 was a conspiracy. Those people are stupid.

Be that as it may, its obvious and we all said it for years in Obama's 2nd term he'd take advantage of the first crisis he got his hands on to ban guns, and this proves us right. We saw this coming. And let me tell you, the Democrats were hurt by the 94' brady ban and they'll be hurt again by this one. You'll be sorry you did this come 2014. Talk about an extended magazine. You just locked and loaded the GOP with votes.

Dave Splash said...

"to ban guns" eh? Funny how there was no outright gun ban in any proposal made by the president (despite the lies being told by NRA and conservative media).

Universal background checks? Yes. Restrictions on magazine capacity? Yes. Asking for a head of ATF to be confirmed for the first time in six years? Yes. Tracking gun trafficking? Yes.

Gun ban? Confiscation? No

All of the presidents proposals are 100% Constitutional, and are wildly popular with the public. Universal background checks polls at 92% support and 85% of those who own guns.

You can keep telling yourself that that proposals with 92% support are bad for the Democrats, but basic math says otherwise.

Remember, the 2nd Amendment does use the words "well regulated." I hope the GOP continues its downward spiral of taking the side of the Sandy Hook shooter's right to have as many guns as he could carry, or of forcing women to have mandatory vaginal probes, or debating what is "legitimate rape." The Republicans will paint themselves into being a regional party with little more than the South to count on electorally.

jim marquis said...

Slippery slope...wait for it...wait for it...

Snave said...

As much as I think the gun stuff has gotten out of control in our country, I have to agree with Free that this is poison for the Democrats. I want to see the left take back some seats in the House in 2014, and until the recent tragedies (and now with both sides preying on the public with all the fearmongering), I really thought it might happen.

But the NRA has way too much power, and it has way too much influence. If the Democrats rush ahead too hard, they'll trip over their collective shoelaces and chip out their collective front teeth on the metal edge of a concrete step.

I think of the safety of our kids and of people in large public gatherings. I think of the country's political future as well. But sadly, I think if the left wants to make any headway, it must be incremental and we will have to endure more of these tragedies before things start getting better. There are no immediate solutions. It took us decades to get to where we are now, and this is nothing that can be solved or resolved overnight. Banning assault rifles won't fix anything. Neither will arming principals and teachers.

Sorry to have to say it Dems, but no big grabs, nothing all at once. Go for universal background checks, and find ways to provide better mental health treatment for millions of Americans. That's a start. Try a combination of those things for a while. Restrictions on magazine capacity? Maybe.

But as much as some of us want more, I honestly believe going for anything else besides those things is political suicide right now for the Democrats. For the left to successfully pursue its agenda, it has to retake the House or at least gain back enough seats to make it even. Pushing too hard right now thwarts future progress by setting things back about 20 years.

As for all the people joining the NRA and buying firearms, my opinion is that a lot of that is simply a reaction to Obama, driven by fear. There's so much hatred for him and fear of him on the other side that if he makes a proposal of any kind it seems to intensify them. "He says he wants to ban assault rifles? Well, I had better buy one then." "He's going to take on the NRA? Well, if he doesn't like the NRA then I probably should join it." That sort of thing. It's all politically-driven, with the fear levels among those folks at what seems like an all-time high.

Things might get worse before they start getting better. But I think things can gradually get better. I just don't think they can be forced to get better overnight with the passage of some new rules or laws.

The right wing will try to use this as a tool to get more of their people elected, which will give us even more repressive legislation than we have seen proposed by them in the last four years. We should think of our childrens's future, and we should also think of who we want to be ruled by down the road.

I work in a number of schools. I love the kids, I love the teachers. I don't want to see harm come to any of them. I don't want to see teachers packing guns in classrooms, because that's a recipe for a real disaster... what if some middle school kid brings a toy gun to school and a teacher shoots him? A lot of teachers I know wouldn't know how to shoot, let alone when. What I want to see is several officers, police, local National Guard, maybe even some troops returning from the Middle East, whatever... placed at each school building, with electronic shutdown capacity for locking doors and windows, etc. If that makes me sound overly-worried or paranoid, so be it. But if those resources are out there to serve and protect, let's utilize them. Continue to keep guns out of schools for the most part, but make the schools more like fortresses, and at least with some people patrolling and keeping watch outside.

This is probably about all I am going to offer on the topic.