Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Republicans Returning To Reality?

No more Sarah Palin on Fox News? Sean Hannity suddenly willing to talk about immigration reform? Marco Rubio defending compromise? Maybe there's hope for this country yet.


clif said...

Add Eric Erickson and the Carville Matlin side show out at CNN.

Don't know about the GOper clown car, but the corporate owned MSM might be waking up and realising paying right wing loud mouths to be wrong year after year is not a good business model, faux noise not withstanding.

T. Paine said...

Yeah, we can all live in a Marxist dream of a utopian society very soon now, where all of us comrades are equal, well except our governing politburo.

Yep, we all need more Republicans to renege on principle and become just like the morally bankrupt and failed progressives.

May God have mercy on our nation...

Snave said...

Yes, heaven forbid any Americans should ever try to work together to solve our nation's problems.

clif said...

Funny how extremist T-boy is.

Unless you do exactly what he wants your a commie..

No freedom of expression or thought for the individual.

No allowance for difference of opinion, or ways of life.

Only black or white.

Too bad for him both life and reality comes in many more than fifty shades of grey.

T. Paine said...

Snave, I have no problem working together with people of varying ideals and political ideologies. Unfortunately, like Obama, the left wants all of the compromise to find those solutions to be on the part of the conservatives.

Indeed there are some things that conservatives can and probably should compromise upon, but not on core principles that actually define what a conservative is.

Snave, would you really want to live in a country where everybody was a progressive, especially all elected officials? Think about the ramifications of a completely homogenous political class, with nobody to offer an opposing opinion.

I know I wouldn't want to live in a 100%-administered conservative society. In fact if I were ever elected president (I am considering a run in 2016 if the country still exists) I would purposely want some very smart liberals in my cabinet as advisors.

Such well-intentioned folks could show me where my conservative tendencies may be too extreme for the country or could provide pragmatic suggestions to temper my policies. Granted, I would probably seldom take their advice and implement it, but their service to point out the holes in my conservative thinking would be invaluable. That said, if elected, I would like to add your name to the short list of possible advisors, sir. :)

Snave said...

TP, when did I EVER say I wanted to live in a country where everybody was a progressive, especially all elected officials?

That's right, I never said that. Why? Because I don't, and because there is no such thing as a utopia. I'm not some wild-eyed guy who wants to take everyone's guns away, who wants to lock up all our forests as wilderness, who wants to ban religion, etc. etc. etc.

Your point about wanting some intelligent liberals in your cabinet? That's kind of the same reasoning Obama has used by having some intelligent conservatives in his, except that he hasn't done it for cynical reasons. He has done it because he actually values their opinions and agrees with some of the things they have to say. And that is because he is trying to govern as a centrist. As a president who represents all the people, not just Democrats. And I'd say he's doing a good enough job that his approval rating is getting up around 60%. How about that?

"Unfortunately, like Obama, the left wants all of the compromise to find those solutions to be on the part of the conservatives."

Well, good grief, what did he do for his first four years but try to find ways to get the other guys to agree with him? They did nothing but rebuke him, and even openly stated their goal was to thwart him. I wouldn't call that "working together". And after beating what has become a sort of dead horse, now it's time for his white gloves to come off. And I'm awfully glad he is starting to develop more of a spine.

If you ran, your conservative tendencies WOULD be way too strong for you to get elected. Now, take me, on the other hand... I'd be governing more from the middle, listening to concerns, basing opinions on a variety of factors besides my ideology... LOL! I'd do it like Obama has done it. And I'd win. ;-)

This is because you guys have shifted the center of the political spectrum so far to the right that people like me, who are slightly to the left of center, get tarred as extremists. Shame on those who got the public thinking that way. 8-)