Friday, January 25, 2013

Please Ignore His Record

Bobby Jindal is trying to portray himself as the guy who can transform the GOP into a political party minorities and white moderates will want to join. Too bad his rhetoric is so disconnected from his actions.


Snave said...

1. As far as private or parochial schools go, I don’t care if those schools teach “creationism” or not. On the taxpayer dime? I have problems with that, I suppose ,but it may be similar to the way that some religious conservatives don’t like their taxpayer dime NOT funding those things in schools. It’s just more religion getting in the way, in my opinion. I want a secular society, keeping church out of government and vice versa, and absolutely nothing that slouches toward theocracy.
2. Firing people for being gay? He’s just flat out wrong on this one. Probably more stuff based on his religious beliefs.
3. I suppose he can try to do whatever he wants on abortion in his own state, but he can’t overturn Roe v. Wade. I suspect his issues here are once again based in religion.
4. He’s pretty bad in this regard…
5. Sounds to me like he’s cutting off his nose to spite his face on the health care thing.

He just has too much of a “religion” thing going for my tastes. I don’t believe he could make any decisions without basing them on his religion. Sometimes that’s probably fine, but in other instances, no way. (Thinking of stuff like Armageddon here... heh...)

Not only that, he’s weak. Anybody remember his reponse to the State Of The Union Address a while back, when they thought he was one of their rising stars? That was pathetic. I give him credit for admitting that his own party talks “stupid”, but they would be pretty stupid to nominate him. Bobby Jindal is all about Bobby Jindal, and I don't want someone who seems that mean-spirited running things. Seems to me like he craves power a bit more than most of them.

I could see him being someone’s pick to be Vice President, but the thought of his politics in the White House? Would it be an argument in favor of "devolution"?

clif said...

Jindal isn't going to out religious Huckabee, or out wingnut several perennial candidates, like Santuroum, or Rand Paul(Ron Paul stand-in).

Outside LA. he doesn't have enough a base to gain traction to stand up to others who have better name recondition. Either he gets some billionaire money or he will be out before super Tuesday. He will not win the nomination under any circumstances, but might be on a short list for VP for someone like Rand Paul or Christie, to solidify his wingnut religious base.

If Huckabee wins he doesn't need Jindal, but a more financial based wall street approved candidate, like a Romney too bad his name is mud in GOper circles now a days. Huckabee could use a Scott Brown in that case.

jim marquis said...

So you think Huckabee's going to run again?

Snave said...

How does his state rank?