Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guns Over People

Wondering why the ATF is so undermanned and underfunded? The NRA and their political lackeys wanted it that way.


free0352 said...

Alcahol tobacco and fire arms should be a convenience store not an agency. That would be my first move as cic actually. Just shut it down, it serves no purpose.

jim marquis said...

I'm sure you'd like it to serve no purpose.

T. Paine said...

Maybe the ATF should reassign those people that Obama and Holder had "overseeing" the sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Perhaps they could actually do something useful instead.

On second thought, Free is right. Let's just shut the dumb asses down. That department seems to have caused a lot more harm than good in recent years.

free0352 said...

Seems to me all they do is give weapons to drug cartels. They are a useless waste of tax dollars. Every tax dollars spent on the ATF is a wasted tax dollar.

free0352 said...

While we are at it close the DEA too.

jim marquis said...

Hey, get rid of the FBI too. And all other law enforcement. Every man and woman for themselves.

free0352 said...

I think the FBI could do just fine without the pointless redundency of the ATF and DEA. WE can keep the marshall's service as well, and the FDOC.

clif said...

Every tax dollars spent on the ATF is a wasted tax dollar.

I'm sure these people would disagree freebee.

Four Suspects Arrested in American Canyon for Attempt to Commit an Armed Robbery of a Residence

ATF Arrests Suspect in Possession of Machine Guns

ATF investigation leads to two arrests in Melrose

ATF arrests 14 in firearms case

ATF Arrests 3 Chicago Gang Members on Federal Gun Dealing and Drug Trafficking Charges in Undercover Sting

ATF Arrests Two Linked to Compton Gun Store Accused of Knowingly Selling Guns to Felons

ATF Arrests Two More in Mexican Firearms Trafficking Investigation
Case Result of Cooperation by Mexican AFI, Marshals Service, Douglas Police

Arrests made in Baltimore ATF sting announced

ATF Arrests Border Agent for Attempting to Arm Drug Cartels

Outlaws Motorcycle Gang Raids: Feds Arrest 42 Alleged Members Of Indianapolis Chapter

yes freebee that is how the ATF wastes federal tax money;

arresting criminals.

Why do you want to defend criminals like them?