Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Honest John

I had to laugh yesterday when John McCain was asked why the Republicans were suddenly willing to work on immigration reform and he said, "Elections, elections". It was a rare, wonderful moment of political honesty...the kind of statement that could only be made by a veteran Senator who's too old to care anymore about saying what's politically appropriate.


clif said...

Well the GOpers got two choices try and fool them;

or cheat like they did in 2000 with Katherine Harris illegally denying the right to vote for over 50,000 when Bush won by only 576; 2004 when Ken Blackwell made sure there wasn't enuf voting machines for voters in democratic districts, and the interesting crash of computers and of course routing tabulations thru the same company that ran the RNC and non government white House websites,

Of course in 2012 trying to rewrite the rules to as Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R) said;

"Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done,”.

Or the way John Husted tried in vain to make sure Romney won Ohio by illegally fixing the vote for him before the election shades of Blackwell and Harris.

The problem the GOpers have with minorities ain't going away until the GOpers quit trying to be the only "real Americans" and allow the rest of the country full equality. Of course this means quite a few GOpers (the teatard base) have to stop being what they are, bigoted racists, which means their campaigns have to stop the dog whistle outreach signals they are al-right with the prejudicial racist attitudes of their base.

T. Paine said...

Pandering to illegals in order to increase one's voting bloc is something that neither party should be doing. Both parties should be using this as a moment for teaching on principle and law. Instead, both cynically want to hold on to power. To hell with both parties accordingly.

clif said...

Pandering to illegals in order to increase one's voting bloc is something that neither party should be doing.

Nice extreme right wing sound bite that has little to do with the facts many many people in the United States faces.

Nobody is pandering if they are trying honestly to figure out how to undo over a decade of inaction. Remember this country has always been a nation of immigrants, and many who are here working are doing jobs nobody else is willing to do. Resolving the immigration problem has little to do with voting blocs, unless that is the only thing you want to focus on.

Instead of what the country needs in terms of a work force, and how to deal with people who have called the USA home since infancy, but were not born here. I know some people have ready made sound bite answers, but that hasn't resolved the problem even though it has been used for over 8 years to stop progress.

T. Paine said...

Talk about sound bites, Cliff. Do you know how to see if it is about expanding the Democratic voting block or not?

Lets add into our "comprehensive reform bill" that anyone currently here illegally can indeed have amnesty and can stay here, BUT as a penalty for their illegally coming here, they will never be granted the right to vote. I bet the Democrats would lose interest in "helping" these poor people real quickly if that were a provision.

Snave said...

That isn't true.

Those on the left would like to not be punitive, and would like to give people who are not U.S. citizens the chance to become U.S. citizens.

TP, you suggest they should not be able to become citizens... why not? You're willing to allow them to stay here, but not to vote, which implies no full citizenship. Why, do you think are a drain on society or something? I

Your comments seem a bit illustrative of why your party fares as poorly as it does in certain areas. Better to get on the train before it leaves the station and go along for the ride. I think you guys will do better that way, and you'll help expand your own voting bloc in the process. In this case, wouldn't it be better to be proactive and go for it than to sit back and wait for something to happen? You make it sound like the people who will be directly affected by these new proposals are too dumb to realize there are Republicans supporting it, or like they wouldn't notice that. They will notice.

So, kudos to those Republicans and Dems who are willing to reach across the aisle to each other.

T. Paine said...

Snave, I respectfully disagree. When Reagan offered amnesty in 1986, his poll numbers with Hispanics actually went down.

I could care less about abandoning principles in order to grow our voting block. THAT is why the GOP is shrinking. They stand for nothing anymore. To hell with those idiots and hypocrites.

The only thing that granting amnesty and full citizenship to those folks that came her illegally does is punish those that did it right and encourage more law-breaking.

I am all for protecting human rights even for illegals, but I am not for granting them extra-constitutional rights in the form of amnesty.

clif said...

I bet the Democrats would lose interest in "helping" these poor people real quickly if that were a provision.

1. You as usual would be wrong.

2. Nice strawman argument to try to make, try making a voting bloc not have the right to vote, a normal right wing meme, used quite often by right wing politicians when they cannot win fairly.

Funny how often you right wingers make up an alternate reality to fit your deluded world views to try to legitimise those fantasy world views you want to be true.