Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who Exactly Are The Republicans Listening To?

The GOP is a really strange political party these days. You have regular people voting against their own interests and politicians ignoring polls that show even their own supporters are more interested in raising taxes on the rich than hacking away at entitlement programs.


clif said...

So your saying in essence the base is stupid, and the leadership clueless.


jim marquis said...

I'm not sure the leadership is clueless...more like they have some kind of political PTSD where all they can think about is pleasing their big money donors and avoiding getting primaried out by the hardcore Tea Party voters.

free0352 said...

even their own supporters are more interested in raising taxes on the rich than hacking away at entitlement programs.

Thats BS, all the Republicans I know want to go over. Yes, lets firstly kick Bohener's punk ass out, then after we go over and Obama assumes we'll cave because middle class voters will be enraged... don't. In fact, call a Congressional recess and simply go home. GO HOME. No sleeping on cots in the capital building. Go home.

And let that jug eared freak in the white house sweat. Debt hole limit? Don't dig it any deeper. Oh, and stay home in the district and send Obama pictures of you eating pizza and drinking beer and living it up.

Then shut the government down, and still stay home.

Then after a solid 90 days without caving offer Obama

And end to the Department of Education

And end to the Department of Energy

Raise Social Security retirement age to 75 and means test benefits, and throw in an opt out provision

Means test Medicare

Cut Medicade by 15%

End the Department of HUD

End the EPA

End the Department of Transportation

Raise institute a bottom tax bracket reverse cap of 9% on income

cut taxes on all those making 500k a year to a cap of 25%

Raise taxes on all those making over 500k to 40%

Cut corporate taxes down to 15%

Eliminate 90% of deductions to include mortgage deduction and first time home buyers

Eliminate all deductions for those making over 1 million a year

Require congressmen and senators to serve 20 years before gaining retirement benefits

End ObamaCare

When Obama says HELL NO simply offer him half of that. Instead of ending an agency cut its budget by 50%, you get the idea. When he says HELL NO again, go back to your district and enjoy more pizza. After two weeks, come back and offer same deal, when Obama says HELL NO offer him 75%. When he still says HELL NO go home and don't come back till he changes his mind.

Hows that for compromise? Thats what I want Republicans in The House to do.

jim marquis said...

Good plan, Free. Maybe at some point the public will simply demand the Republican Party be disbanded and never spoken of again.

clif said...

The trouble with the freebee's plan is.

The government obligations voted in by the republican controlled house MUST be paid according to the the US Constitution.

The question is how do we do it?

President Obama can calculate what money Treasury will have from what ever revenues are coming in, then, pay all maturing debt and interest. After that prioritize all other payments due and owing from the federal gub'mint. Thus he may furlough troops, defer weapons system payments, shut down federal agricultural agencies, defer crop subsidies, etc.

There are many payments that can be deferred or cancelled which will suffocate and annihilate "conservative" interests, IE subsidies to oil corps or other corporate welfare programs. It might perhaps teach our fine GOpers that their vaunted gub'mint shutdowns aren't so fab and that maybe, just maybe, our beloved Founders wouldn't agree with today's tricorne-wearin' Teaturds.

He can also make sure payments for low income programs get priority over payouts to the rich, tellin' the rich to cry to bonerman and the teatards.

The debt MUST be paid, just exactly how is an executive branch decision once obligated payments are met.

Teatards are so simplistic in their childish fantasies and have learned NOTHING since 1996. Enjoy the pizza, and choke on poll numbers in Cheney territory going into 2014 ....... cause the people know who is pushing this crap to achieve the idiotic ideological agenda you just laid out.

free0352 said...

I say let's do it then. You're right, obama would have to $make some very hard decisions under my strategy. I'd enjoy my pizza while he had to make them. Eventually when he gets sick of that and figures out his crying in the media won't work and he has two years of that treatment were he so inclined he would cave. And that is the point. Fuck the 2014 election, let's fix this fiscal crisis for real.

clif said...

let's fix this fiscal crisis for real.

You mean the one Bush Co and your moronic GOpers created after you foolishly wasted the balanced budget and surpluses Clinton created?

Remember Greenspan carrying water for you moronic GOpers screeching paying down the debt like the Clinton plan suggested was BAD?????????

Just so's bush could hand out tax cuts to rich bastards who refused to help the US economy create jobs but instead outsourced those jobs?

At the same time Bush Co and you morons decided running two wars incompetently off the books was a good idea?

That the fiscal mess yer talking about skippy?

free0352 said...

You mean the one Bush Co and your moronic GOpers created after you foolishly wasted the balanced budget and surpluses Clinton created?

National Debt 1993


National Debt 2000


We haven't had a surplus in this country since Andrew Jackson was President.

Someone doesn't know the difference between a budget surplus and a fiscal surplus do they?

Well, so much for that point. But I love the logic. Bush was bad on spending so we can be twice as bad. Two wrongs don't make a right there hero.

Oh, and maybe someone around here didn't bother to clue you in, I am nor have a been for the better part of a decade a Republican. But if it makes you feel better to label me as such, feel free.

T. Paine said...

Free, I think your plan is brilliant. Unfortunately it would take principled and strong politicians to enact it and since there are only a handful of those in the Republican Party and none whatsoever in the Democratic Party, that will simply never happen.

There are too many low-information voters and rigid progressives that think government is the answer to their problems. Cutting spending would be akin to hurting their sugar momma.

I don't know why the thought of fending for one's self and returning to a constitutional republic is so scary to liberals.

Obama is an incompetent and excreable excuse for a man, let alone a president. Harry Reid hasn't put forth a budget in three years in the Senate, and that bitch Pelosi had the botox needle inserted too deeply last time and it poisoned her brain.

The Democrats no longer care about the fiscal cliff or cutting spending. Obama wanted $800 billion in revenue and unspecified spending cuts. Idiot-boy Boehner called his bluff and gave him his $800 billion. Obama then reneged and said he want $1.8 trillion in revenue.

Again, they want to go over the cliff. That way they can raise taxes on EVERYBODY when they expire in two weeks, and they can slash the military budget by draconian amounts. And the beauty of it is that they can blame it all of the Republicans and the statist sycophantic ass-kissing media will parrot that talking point to all of those low-information voters out there.

Hang on, you progressives! Your economic collapse that YOU have hastened is almost here!

jim marquis said...

Paine, if we go over the cliff Obama and the Dems will immediately put up a vote to restore tax cuts for the 98 percent. And if the Republicans don't go along with it, their true colors will be vividly on display for all to see.

free0352 said...

How are Democrats going to put up a vote through the Republican Speaker? He controls what happens there. There would be no vote just as Harry Reid has denied votes since 2010.

It is a good plan, but Paine is right, the GOP is too weak to fight that fight and too uninterested in solving the problem.

free0352 said...

I can just hear an actual decent House Speaker's speech.

"WE offered this President a plan that would have got our fiscal house in order in very short order. Yes it was tough, it was painful, but it was necessary. This President rejected it out of hand. So we went back to the drawing board and basically gave in and offered to make only half the cuts. Not as solid a plan for getting the house back in order fiscally but we were willing to work with the President. He still said no, so then we told him we'd only take 25% of the cuts we wanted and he still isn't interested. Instead he's campaigning around the country telling everyone how we want to kill grandmothers, hold the government hostage, hate the poor, whatever. Its not true. We were willing to give this President 75% of what he wanted, and yet he says we aren't willing to compromise. He's not willing to compromise, thats that. He says the people elected him in 2012. Thats true. Its also true people elected us. That election has a consequence too Mr. President. This gridlock is hurting people, but this President cares more about an agenda than governance. We offered the man 75% and he still said no. He isn't interested in compromise, he's interested in lock step. Well I'm deeply sorry but we can't do that and we will hold firm now after all this time forever. We won't budge past 75%. We can go no further and give this President no more. We have nearly a year till the 2014 elections. Maybe we'll all lose. I don't know. What I do know is while we're here, we in the House of Representatives, the keepers of the purse strings of government and those who in the past are most Responsible for this budgetary mess we're in and today the only ones it seems with a real plan to fix it, can give no more and still have good intentions to righting our ship of states fiscal trajectory. I know this President cares about his legacy, but his legacy will be of failed leadership and gridlock if he doesn't compromise. We've given 75%, thats all we can give and still keep our districts back home and honor our duty to those who elected us. We swore to do this, and we are keeping that promise. President Obama swore to work with us and he is breaking his. We're only asking for 25% of what we originally asked for. He simply demands we lock step with him. We cannot do that, and will not do that. We'll see how things go in 2014.