Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tax Payer Malpractice

Wonder why the government has to spend so much on health care? The policies of companies like Wal-Mart have a lot to do with it.


Steve said...

Let's see...

Having to read 2,700 pages of law in order to make sure you're covered under all of the rules and regulations (especially considering the very lawmakers who voted for the bill didn't have time to read it!), OR simply see that you don't have to provide health insurance if employees don't work more than 30 hours a week?

Democrats- you broke it, so now you have to buy it.

-- S.

free0352 said...

If you are depending on a part time job at a grocery store to provide your health care you are so stupid you don't deserve it. That is a job for children tob get work experience, not feed a family.

jim marquis said...

That's the highest level of job a lot of folks can get these days. Especially in small to mid-sized towns where Wal-Mart has run a big chunk of the locally owned stores out of business.

S.W. Anderson said...

No, no, no, jim; you don't get it. In conservative/Republican/libertarian/tea party land, there's no such thing as inability to get a job because forces beyond your control screwed you and your community/state/nation six ways to Sunday. No, if you want to make money you just have to get out their do whatever it takes. Wash dishes for $5 an hour. Do the graveyard shift in a convenience store in a rough neighborhood for minimum wage — just be sure to keep your life insurance premiums paid. Put your wife out on the street turning tricks. See, if you're not making money, you're just not trying. And, if you're not getting ahead, you're probably being held back by standards, scruples and other nonsense.

I think that sign is priceless. Ones like it should be put up all over America, for toy stores, hardware stores and so on.

free0352 said...

Most of them are lazy and worthless. I live in an economicly depressed state and I got a job in exectly seven days of looking. I've been all over the world and I can say from experience Americans are fat, lazy whiners who think the world owes them a living and I cheer on anyone who can avoid paying for the entitlment class to get fat on food stamps and then get the medical costs of their fat asses paid for with tax dollars. Your next brilliant answer to these companies trying to avoid ObamaCare will be a national health service, and I will laugh when the waltons say fuck it and move to a tax haven and take their billions with them. What are you going to do when you've finally driven these people out and there are no more rich to eat and you can't borrow another buck?

Steve said...

Jim, I used to LIVE in a small town (9k people). I saw exactly what economic effects Wal-Mart had.

Let's see- what closed once Wal-Mart came to town?

1) A restaurant that changed hands 4 times in 10 years was torn down and a Walgreens was put in it's place.

2) A music store that was running "30% off!" sales 6 out of the 12 months of the year.

3) An Amish furniture store.

4) A video rental place that was hard-as-heck to get to that had no parking.

So- what changed? Four businesses that had no customers to begin with were closed. Heck, even the Subway in town is still there, 15 years later- after Wal-Mart purchased additional land and converted into a Super Wal-Mart.

So, I see your "small to mid-sized towns" comment and say, False.

S.W., yes- entitlements screw everyone. It's not the businesses, but the mentality that "I can sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing, get a cell phone, get food stamps, get rent assistance, get unemployment, get medical coverage, get education assistance, get heating and electric help..." - Obama is going to give me all of that! In other words, Liberals help DEVELOP professional entitlement seekers who don't have the pride (or the gumption) to go out to work a 40 hour a week... sorry, 28 hour a week job (now that Obama has screwed THAT pooch.)

But, what do you expect from Barry-boy, except soundbites like "You didn't build that!" that insults all of those people who DO work to TRY to make ends meet.

-- S.

jim marquis said...

Wow, Steve...that little anecdote proved...NOTHING.

Wal-Mart has been a cancer all over the country. It seems odd you're a Republican (or at least a conservative) and hold so little regard for small, independent business owners. Wal-Mart capitalism is basically communism minus the May Day celebrations.