Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick Spins: My Favorites of 2012

In my humble opinion, there was an abundance of really good new music this year. Some of it was produced by older artists I've enjoyed for decades and some of it came from exciting new folks.
Best albums of the year: 1. Joe Walsh- Analog Man 2. Rush- Clockwork Angels 3. Ben Folds Five- The Sound of the Life of the Mind 4. Daryl Hall-Laughing Down Crying (came out in late 2011) 5. Tame Impala- Lonerism 6. Shoes- Ignition 7. Kathleen Edwards- Voyageur 8. Aimee Mann- Charmer 9. Joe Guido Welsh- Nothing Left To Say 10. Heart- Fanatic
I also saw some great shows this past year. Kathleen Edwards was down to earth and funny. My Morning Jacket had the most amazing light show I've ever witnessed. And three acts came to town that I never thought I'd be lucky enough to see: World Party, Joe Walsh and UK.
Some singles I enjoyed a lot all on their own: John Hiatt- Damn This Town, Strangeways-Run, Saint Etienne- Wouldn't It Be Nice?, Pond- Elegant Design, Kenny Wayne Shepherd- Never Lookin' Back, School of Seven Bells- The Night Van Halen- Tattoo (about the only song on the album I liked), The Shins- Simple Song, Dawes- Time Spent In Los Angeles, Flaming Lips- Ashes In The Air, Steve Earle- Waitin' On The Sky, Donald Fagen- Weather In My Head, Joan As Police Woman- The Ride


T. Paine said...

I am with you on Joe Walsh and Heart. Good picks, Jim.

Snave said...

Your list is great, and I know mine will include a few of these! Time to get working on mine now!

Glad you like that Shoes CD. Isn't it fun?

jim marquis said...

Yeah, it really is. The first cut and Hot Mess are especially fine ear candy.