Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quick Spins: Movies of 2012

It's funny how there seems to be three seasons when it comes to movies. The months January through April are generally pretty lousy. May through September perk up but are largely filled with escapist fare like comic book adaptations and comedies. Then the last three months of the year we finally enjoy a banquet of smart, visually stunning, creative endeavors.
The first few months of 2012 were really rough for me movie-wise. I actually started lamenting to my friends how much better television (especially cable programming)was these days. But then Wes Anderson's charming comedy "Moonrise Kingdom" finally broke the ice.
Here's a list of the films I've enjoyed the most this year: Flight, Moonrise Kingdom, Lincoln, Cloud Atlas, Looper, Chronicle, Rock of Ages, Prometheus, Silver Linings Playbook. I'm really looking forward to seeing Skyfall, Life of Pi, Django Unchained, This is Forty, Les Miserables.


David said...

Nice list. still haven't seen Argo? Or you saw it and didn't think much of it? Or you just don't plan to see it?

jim marquis said...

Oh, you're right, I did leave it off the want to see list. It should be there.

Snave said...

The only ones I've managed to see that you mentioned are Moonrise Kingdom and Skyfall, liked both very much. I did see Argo, and absolutely loved it. Saw The Hobbit in 3D and loved that one as well.
We're going to see Life Of Pi tomorrow evening in 3D. Desperately wanted to see Looper but missed it when it was here. Lincoln and Cloud Atlas haven't made it here yet, but I will probably see those. Either I missed the others you mentioned or they haven't been to our theater yet.

But do see Argo, and Skyfall too if you can.

And I can't wait for Django Unchained... Kit has no desire to see it, but I'll find someone who wants to go!

free0352 said...

Django is a waste of your money and time. Its another Tarentino B movie. If you liked Inglorious Bastards I guess you'd like Django. I did not like either, because you can buy B movies for a dollar and save the 13 bucks at the theater. Tarentino is so over rated. The only movie he ever made I like was Reservoir Dogs and the only reason it was good is because he made it back when the studio didn't give him a blank check to suck. I will never understand the appeal of that director.

Saw Hobbit, it was much better than any of the LOTRs films. It was much cuter and didn't take its self so horribly serious as the three previous movies. Lincoln is only interesting to super political dorks like me. So you might like it. Its hard core poli psi stuff. Acting was great, script was pretty good. Lincoln wasn't cynical enough. Too often Spielberg will get overly sentimental on you. Or maybe I'm just cynical.

Avengers and Batman were great brain junk food this year.

Just saw Zero Dark Thirty yesterday and that film gets two thumbs up from this guy. Felt cool I was a part of that manhunt, granted a tiny part a long time ago in 2001, but a part none-the-less so I might be bias as I know some of the real people who were hunting him. Libs are all upset about the water boarding scene at the beginning. I thought it was done well. Water boarding isn't portrayed as a silver bullet, just a dirty, ugly alternative to that bullet which is what it is. Its contribution to the catching of OBL in the film is accurate. Acting is good, story is good, writing is good, filming is good. All around good film that will eat the Oscars alive were it not for Lincoln.

However, I still say the best film this year was End of Watch. Best cop movie ever made and should be out on DVD soon. Portrays cops how they really are. Family guys who aren't on the take, corrupt, or hanging out of cars doing back flips while shooting from the hip killing russian terrorists planing to blow up the world. Of course the action is reved up because a movie where guys hand out traffic tickets and break up high school parties and deal with endless DV calls wouldn't be much fun to watch. However there are scenes in that film that gave me some serious flashbacks to my days in LE. Specifically the scene at the beginning of the film where the two main characters are dealing with a dick head suspect in a living room and another where a crack ho has lost her kid. Fuck renting it, but the DVD.

jim marquis said...

Ironic statement of the year: Free saying "Or maybe I'm just cynical."

free0352 said...

Sorry, but I've grown up around politics. It wouldn't surprise me to learn Lincoln pursued the the 13th Amendment only to break the power further of his Democrat opponents. After all, he wasn't a big proponent of abolition until it became politically expedient. In my experience politicians only do things when it serves a political end. Never because its the "right thing to do."

Never. Its not how our system worked then, nor how it works now.

At least it showed that even back then, you had to buy votes with patronage, blackmail, and a strong arm. No different today.

I don't think I'm cynical, I think I just live in the real world.