Friday, December 14, 2012

F**K the NRA

I'm feeling numb and sick. This is such a stupid country in some ways.


free0352 said...

Fuck the Brady Campaign. Conn has some of the strictest gun control laws in this country.

They didn't work.

T. Paine said...

Yeah!...What Free said. I know it is a cliche' but it is an accurate one: if you outlaw guns then only the outlaws will still have guns.

If the Principal or some teacher there had a concealed carry weapon on them, they might have been able to kill that piece of human excrement before he killed so many innocent folks.

The progressives want to disarm all of us so that we can all be targets for such evil people. Brilliant idea.

Snave said...

The NRA is what keeps the nation from having any discussion about the issue.

I look forward to hearing the NRA and its adherents/members offer some helpful solutions to this problem other than their usual talking points or suggesting that every American pack.

In order to continue to stay relevant, the NRA needs to be willing to have some discussion. If they are unwilling to do that, more Americans will begin to steer away from them as more shootings occur. I don't think a weakened NRA is something conservatives want, so they should be insisting that the organization talk about things besides offering condolences and sticking with the status quo.

It's not up to the "progressives". It's up to the conservatives to see that the NRA retains relevance, because the NRA is mostly their baby. Anyone with any ideology can be a member, but we all know where their money goes.

If conservatives don't believe that, then maybe they don't believe the NRA is one of the most important things (and probably represents their best hopes for) keeping America's second amendment rights in place.

free0352 said...

The NRA is what keeps the nation from having any discussion about the issue.

I'm glad!

NO DISCUSSION. Its a right. A right. Non negotiable. What part of inalienable don't you understand? Fuck, when Muslims killed 3000 Americans in one day, I didn't hear you wishing to fuck with freedom of religion. Thats because religion is an absolute right even when people sometimes abuse it... even when that costs lives.

In order to continue to stay relevant.

You can't have any of it, none of that right. Not one iota. Nothing, zero, no compromise, no discussion, nothing zero zip nada don't even ask and if you try look out because we're willing to fight over it. Yes, even over a Brady Bill type thing. Wana go there?

The answer is no, if you don't like it move to fuck'n England. This is America, and we have a right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.

Snave said...

If the NRA wants to continue to be relevant, they need to help by offering some ideas about how the problem can be helped. Otherwise, more people aren't going to be as interested in their cause as they might otherwise.

Yes, we have our right to keep and bear arms. I like that right.

And our country has a problem with people going around shooting up bunches of other people. The NRA is one of the most powerful organizations in the country. I want to know that they have something constructive to say about what is going on. If they don't, and public disfavor with the NRA starts to grow, then is it not possible our second amendment rights will erode more quickly than they otherwise might? What part of that do you not understand?

I find it interesting that some people bring up fighting even over the simple suggestion that there should be a debate or a discussion about something.

jim marquis said...

The NRA has no interest in staying relevant or offering any kinds of solutions. The NRA simply wants gun and ammo manufacturers to be able to sell more guns. Period.

free0352 said...

Freedom doesn't require a solution.

And oh yes, we will fight to keep and bear arms. Gun control people need to know that.

clif said...

One solution for gun violence is for the supposedly Christian gun fetishists to READ their bible.

The part about turning the other cheek.

"You have learnt how it was said: 'Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.' But I say to you, Offer the wicked man no resistance. If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also; if a man takes you to law and would have your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. And if anyone orders you to go one mile, go two miles with him." Mt. 5.38-41

Kinda defeats the purpose of keeping an armory in your house and claiming to be a christian doesn't it?

Also it would help if they read about other thing Jesus preached about and TOLD us to do;

"I was hungry and you never gave me food; I was thirsty and you never gave me anything to drink; I was a stranger and you never made me welcome, naked and you never clothed me, sick and in prison and you never visited me . . . I tell you solemnly, in so far as you neglected to do this to one of the least of these, you neglected to do it to me." And they will go away to eternal punishment, and the virtuous to eternal life." Mt 25.42-43,45-46


"if anyone has two tunics, he must share with the man who has none, and the one with something to eat must do the same." Luke 3.11

Sorta destroys the memes of the extreme right and their Ayn Rand fetishes, like Paul Ryan found out.

Just as their screeching about not wanting to pay taxes or goberment is bad, goes against the words of Jesus and Paul in the new testament;

Matthew 22:15-22

Then the Pharisees went out and laid plans to trap him in his words. They sent their disciples to him along with the Herodians. "Teacher," they said, "we know you are a man of integrity and that you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. You aren't swayed by men, because you pay no attention to who they are. Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?"

But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, "You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? Show me the coin used for paying the tax." They brought him a denarius, and he asked them, "Whose portrait is this? And whose inscription?"

"Caesar's," they replied.

Then he said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."

When they heard this, they were amazed. So they left him and went away.

Romans 13:5-7

Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

Kinda makes you wonder why the supposed christian right fights so hard against what Jesus said to do;

With their pro-gun anti-poor anti-tax crusading, which directly contradicts the teachings of Jesus.

But then again most extreme right wing pro NRA wingnuts have never been about following the path Jesus laid out were they?

No they claim to be Christians while attacking the core of his message, and celebrate what he decried in those in his time,

IE the examples of the Sadducees and Pharisees.

Seems like a Tea Party Christian is a contradiction in terms.

Oh yea you clowns right to keep and bear arms shouldn't supersede the parents inalienable right from GOD to bear and keep their children;


free0352 said...

Those who will not keep weapons and the ability to fight will always be subject to those who will. Perhaps you want to surrender that, I will not.

And keep the bible off me. I am a card carrying atheist as well as a proud member of the NRA. So good luck preaching your superstitions to me. I put my faith in cold, hard, steel.

jim marquis said...

The Christian Right really has no need for the New Testament. Way too much empathy in that section of the book.

free0352 said...

I'm certainly not a big fan of religion, but I think Paul had it right when he said in Philippians 2:12 - Work out your own salvation.

Or how bout Thessalonians 3:10

For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.

Or why stick to the bible, Martin Luther, the founder of the protestant church famously wrote an entire paper entitled "The Case Against the Robbing Hordes Of Thieving, Murdering Peasants."

clif said...

FUCK THE NRA and the clowns who fetish over guns rights above of a childs right to live.

clif said...

And keep the bible off me.

I didn't put the bible ON YOU,

I used MY first amendment right to express my opinion, something I think I have the right to do after wearing the uniform and becoming 100% disabled due to my combat service.

So FUCK YOU for trying to suppress MY first amendment right cause of your gun fetish, cause YOU do not like what I say.

clif said...

I put my faith in cold, hard, steel.

Keep stroking yer guns if it makes ya feel better.

clif said...

BTW the NRA WAS originally about rifle marksmanship and Hunting which is why the real name is the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION,

Not the national gun association, or

In the beginning it was about learning marksmanship with the rifle used by the militia men to improve military accuracy. It didn't turn into the insane gun fetish until late 70's when the people who hijacked move it way beyond it's original purpose.

BTW in the 1930's the NRA approved of National Firearms Act of 1934 and the 1938 Federal Firearms Act. It also supported the Gun Control Act of 1968.

It wasn't until the 1977 Cincinnati Revolt, that the hard right turn into politics as a primary purpose of the NRA happened. The first presidential candidate the NRA ever endorses was Reagan, 109 years after their formation.

One other interesting thing is most police organisations, and the NRA are usually at odds as to what to do about gun violence. Only one has the actual training and daily field experience, but the other claims to know all.

free0352 said...

Sure you were, you were on here trying to Bible Thump and you doing it is no different than when Pat Robertson does it.

You have a right to say it I suppose, and I have a right to roll the shit out of my eyes when another Jesus freak thinks I give a shit what his 2000 year old book means.

clif said...

Sure you were, you were on here trying to Bible Thump and you doing it is no different than when Pat Robertson does it.

NO; I was not, nice to see you claim clairvoyance though.

Crystal ball or chicken bones??????

For your information, I was pointing out the total hypocrisy of most right wing bible thumpers. A third grade reading comprehension ability would allow you to know and understand that.

So either your quite uneducated in this realm, or very,very deceitful and dishonest.

See only I know my intentions, you cannot honestly claim to know them. But then honesty doesn't seem to be what your interested here, given the strawman arguments and trying to force your version of my intentions on me.

You have a right to say it I suppose,

No supposing necessary skippy,

It's called the first amendment .....

and it was first for a reason.

I have a right to roll the shit out of my eyes when another Jesus freak thinks I give a shit what his 2000 year old book means.

More unprovable strawman arguments and dishonest attempts to force your version of my intentions on me, instead of being honest and allowing me to have intentions other then you want to claim they are.

Why must you be so dishonest and deceitful???????

Cause you know you are losing on the true merits, eh?

clif said...

....... and FUCK the extremist gun fetishists in the NRA.

T. Paine said...

Cliff, just as you have a first amendment right to free speech, so do I have a second amendment right to keep and bear arms. (At least until our Dear Leader and the other assorted ass-hats in congress disregard that part of the constitution too.)

free0352 said...

Ah Clif I don't know if I can take any more of these succinct arguements. I mean- FUCK THE NRA! Wow, I know I've changed my mind. Seen the light. Lets have a contest, I'll say intelligent shit and we'll see how few syllables I can get you down to.

free0352 said...

Or, as Jesus said- Every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

One sentence arguements aren't good fruit.

Don't shoot the messenger, you're the one who brought up Jesus.