Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cliff Dwellers

I like the fact the president and other Dems are willing to play hardball when it comes to the fiscal cliff. Nothing like giving the other side a taste of their own medicine.


Steve said...

...you know, if the Democrats didn't spend 1 Trillion dollars more than they take in these last 4 years (take a look at the CBO data- it isn't until Democrats took the House of Representatives in 2006 that the fiscal difficulties were greatly accelerated), we wouldn't be in this situation at this time.

-- S.

T. Paine said...

Obama also said he was willing to put revenue and spending cuts on the table. The Bowles Simpson Committee recomending 1$ revenue for every $3 of spending cuts.

Obama has raised the amount he wants to gain from revenue from $800 billion to $1.6 trillion now. Further, he has offered no real specific spending cuts, let alone on a 3:1 ratio. He has not compromised or even kept his word once again.

Further, I think he actually wants to go "over the cliff". That would create huge cuts in the military spending he dislikes anyway and allow him to raise taxes on everybody. It ultimately accomplishes what that Marxocrat wants. I have even heard some of the damned Democrats say the same basic thing.

And of course he will blame it all on the Republicans with the help of the sycophantic statist media, while getting precisely what he wanted all along.

People are going to suffer greatly because of the ignorance in reelecting the worst president in the history of the nation.

jim marquis said...

You only told half the story, TP. Many Democrats would like to see us go past the deadline and then immediately vote on reinstating the tax cuts for 98 percent of the population.

And give me a break already on Obama hating the military. He (and a whole lot of other people)simply recognize we can't get our financial problems under control without at least cutting back a bit on military spending that's more than the next seventeen countries combined.

free0352 said...

LETS DO IT! Lets go off that cliff! God Boehner is such a pussy. I'm sooooooo cool with going over it, and more so not extending the debt limit. I'm sick to death of the debt hole, it ain't a roof, its a hole we're digging deeper every year. Not extending it is an insta balanced budget amendment. So lets do it say's I.

Too bad the Republicans are such bitches.

free0352 said...

And I'm not worried about military spending in the slightest. We'll be in a world war within a year with those kinds of cuts to our military, and then we'll get the cuts we wanted and the military funding we need.

Thats a 100% win.

jim marquis said...

Free, I just love what a nihilist you are. You should change your name to Blowup Armageddoncuddy.

free0352 said...

It will be beautuful if we go over. Obama thinks that if we do, the middle class voters will be in such a panic over the tax increases the GOP will cave. I say, go over the cliff and then send Obama a budget that has downright draconian cuts in exchange for that middle class tax cut, a ballanced buget, a requirement Obama must ballance the budget two years in advance, a moritorium on additional spending except for national emergency, and a moritorium on borrowing for 10 years except in national emergency. When Obama comes back with a no on that, ask for half and thrn say you tried to compromise up to fifty percent but the prez still said no. Then kick back and laugh whike Barrys numbers slide to near 10 percent and his legacy goes to hell.

free0352 said...

As for the military, right now America is the world police. As it stands now, we are not going to be doing that job for much longer and the results of that are predictable. The same results that happened when we didn't do it before. World war. Then, all the men will be drafted and the women will be working for defense contractors so we'll have nearly full employment. A war bubble if you will. That's what krugman wants, didn't ya know that? Oh yeah, he actually argued that an alien invasion was just what the economy needed. So in lou of extraterrestrials world war in the balkans and mideast is the next best thing. And after that conflict, people sure will appreciate the spending on an all volunteer military taking preemptive action once we start taking 18 year olds off the streets by force again, giving them 8 weeks of very basic training and then feeding them into a meatgrinder to die like we did in the 40s and 60s. Oh, and people won't be bitching too loudly about entitlement cuts, they'll just be happy all that rationing is over with. But hey, what's a few million in lives in exhange for more spending eh Krugman? I figured you' love this policu since its the theory that won krugman that nobell prize right?