Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Taxing Matter

Have you ever wondered how something that was supposed to be temporary turned into a matter of nearly fanatical Republican obsession?


Steve said...

The truth hurts Liberals.

When tax rates are lowered and government gets the Hell out of the way, the economy rebounds. Examples: President Kennedy and Reagan.

When tax rates are raised and the government meddles (Obamascare), the economy continues to drag it's sorry rear like a dog on the carpet. Examples: Presidents Roosevelt, Carter, and Obama.

You can't spend your way out of bankruptcy; you tighten your belt and weather the storm.

It's simple. We could've been in near-historic growth periods right now IF President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid learned anything from history.

Instead, we have had trillion dollar shortfalls and Obamacare shoved down our throats- and businesses are cutting hours to 28 hours per week so they don't have to follow that 2700 page monstrosity- and FINALLY we're facing a financial cliff that could've never been on the horizon except for the fact that the children listed above don't know Jack.

-- S.

free0352 said...

Here is how I see it, our government spends money on a lot of stupid shit, I mean stuff EVERYONE thinks is stupid. Like fertilizer museums in in Iowa. Or overpays for things that should be ceap, like 30.00 cases of 20 rolls of toilet paper. We all know about those things. I worked for the largest government agency we have and saw the waste, and what's sad is even with the billions DOD wastes yearly they are still the most efficient department. That is a horrible track record. So until the federal government stats taking its spending seriously and managing its money well, I frankly can't see handing them another thin dime because I have no confidence they will spend the money responsibly. I mean let's be honest here, if the GOP offered up a 20 percent rate hike provided all tax revs from it went to paying off the debt and demanded a ballanced buget for 2013 do you think this administration would go for it? Hell no. Washington big government justs wants to keep the big spending going at any cost, there is zero desire to reform spending. They won't even cut big bird. And Boehner and crew love their position not because they can cut funding any old day they choose to. They sorta talk tough but in the end they love their position because it means the dems in the Seanate and Obama have to offer them all kinds of goodies in pork for back in the district to get their agenda through.

Steve said...

Free, it's a simple case of budgetary numbers.

You're given $100 million to spend. You come $20 million under budget. Guess what next year's budget is going to be?

I worked for a private garage door company in the construction field- your 'typical' garage door for those openings would cost $1600 for each door (if you were to go with the price with a profit markup for the company)- and yet the minimum specifications were for $3500 garage doors.

AND, some FDs indicated Union labor, with a minimum per-hour rate for the installers (which- you guessed it- brought the price up even higher).

Yes, it's a pork world. Who was it that said that voters will vote for that which gives them the most benefit? (Free cell phones, food cards, insurance, welfare, rent assistance- and all you have to do is sit on your couch to collect.)

You know, soon Jim will come back to his own blog and post one semi-liberal comment and ignore the meat and bones of our arguments. Just sayin'.

-- S.

jim marquis said...

Gee, Steve. For some reason you left out Clinton...higher taxes and 25 million new jobs.

And if Obamacare was truly shoved down our throats why did the American public choose to re-elect him? Are you saying everybody in the country who disagrees with you is stupid?

free0352 said...

Well I am saying those who canr do the very basic math that it takes to figure out our debt problem or worse can't be bothered to care are indeed stupid.

As for ObamaCare just wait till people have to start paying all the taxes for it. And its fees.

Steve, trusat me guy you aren't telling me anything I don't know. I was repremanded and had to do my buget over again once because I came in less than the year before when I was a county employee.

And until that stuff stops, I will never support any tax increase

Steve said...

Yes, I did forget Clinton; thank you for reminding me.

Clinton and his economic policies put the thumbscrews on banks to lend to minorities and low-income homeowners. All federally backed, of course.

How did this recession start again? Remind me- was it a housing bubble? People couldn't afford the mortgages on the houses that Clinton's policies said they should have anyway?

Oh yeah.

Let's give Clinton his full due.

Tell me, Jim- what's Obamacare polling at? Less than 35%? What- businesses are now thinking of cutting full time workers to part-time, just so they don't have to deal with the onerous 2700 page monstrosity? Business owners NOT expanding workforces, even if their output pretty much demands it? Hmm... if Obamacare was such a success, trust me- Obama would've been pointing to his key piece of legislature during the campaign season and saying, "I made that happen"... and yet, that wasn't the case now, was it?

-- S.

clif said...

simple truth;

Truman job growth; 7 yrs 21%

Eisenhower job growth; 8 yrs 7%

Kennedy job growth; 3 yrs 7%

Johnson job growth; 5 yrs 21%

Nixon job growth; 6 yrs 13%

Ford job growth; 2 yrs 3%

Carter job growth; 4 yrs 13%

Reagan job growth; 8 yrs 18%

Bush job growth; 4 yrs 2%

Clinton job growth; 8 yrs 21%

Bush job growth; 8 yrs 1%

Obama job growth; 4 yrs 1%

funny jobs seem to grow better under democratic administrations then under republican administrations .....

free0352 said...

Well, unless that President is RW Reagan, who presided over what at the time was the largest and is today the second latgest economic expansion in American history. Clinton had the first, and he made subatatial cuts to public spending. LBJ's numbers are bogus, because I don't consider drafting young men and shipping them off to Vietnam real growth.

clif said...

Private contractors for DOD certainly do.

So do the politicians who make sure those private contractors money is protected in their district every budget negotiation.

In essence reality don't care about your personal opinion.

clif said...

BTW at least LBJ had a shooting war to waste money in the black hole of DOD contracting, Reagan had none(except for his one week war against Grenada.

He wasted much more then LBJ, and ran up a much worse deficit and never offered a viable plan at all to pay the bills he cumulated.

In fact to this date no viable plan has ever come from GOpers for Reagan's debt left alone Bush Sr or chimpy's debt.