Thursday, November 1, 2012

What About Mass Mitt?

I've heard conservative pundits say Romney has pull in New Hampshire because his family has a vacation home there. They say he has pull in Michigan because he was born and raised there. Oddly, you don't hear about him having any pull in fact, he's behind in that state by 32 points or so. So, I have to ask: have all the people who lived there when he was governor died or moved away? Or did he do a lousy job and everybody was glad to see him leave office?


free0352 said...

The reason why is because the people of Mass hated him so much Mitt didn't bother to run for reelection.

As for New Hampshire, most of the people who voted for Mitt moved there, as they were so embarrassed they voted for Mitt Romney. Granted Mitt only won in the first places because Democrats ran a person to the left of Pol Pot.

As for Michigan, he wasn't just born and raised there, his father was one of the most beloved governors in state history, and the entire Republican Machine there is so dedicated to him that if they could email blowjobs to him on a daily basis they would. They're fanatical about him, and even independents there like him because of who his dad was and white Democrats think his dad was Jesus.

Black Democrats from Michigan hate Romney (and every Republican for that matter) and his whole family, which is odd because its one of the few things myself and the NAACP agree upon. Democrats count on that black vote to win Michigan... not remembering 250,000 of them moved out of Detroit alone, and Michigan has a Republican Governor, House and State Senate.

S.W. Anderson said...

Romney used Massachusetts the way he's used everybody and everything he could get away with using, and abusing, throughout his career. The governorship was just a steppingstone in his quest for the White House.

I don't think Romney especially likes the humdrum responsibilities of governing. He's all about bringing good things to himself and his family, not serving the public. That showed when was governor. I suspect he doubted he could get re-elected.

One statistic in his record as governor really stands out: Massachusetts was 47th in the nation for creating jobs.

Demeur said...

I think the republicans were looking for another Bush and they found Raw Money somebody they could lead around by the nose.

MRMacrum said...

He is certainly a piss poor representative of the best the Republicans have to offer. Anyone I may have taken a second look at was chewed up early in the primary season.

jim marquis said...

LOL, Raw Money...I like it.