Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two Wonderful Facts

I'm celebrating two wonderful facts tonight...one is that President Obama won a second term. The other is that a majority of the American people were able to see through a heavily financed storm of slander and misinformation. The Republicans have attempted over the past four years to paint him as a socialist, a secret Muslim, a radical wealth re-distributor, a white-hating racist and someone who doesn't truly understand what it means to be an American. Fortunately, the shining light of truth cut through all that nasty bullshit.


free0352 said...

Well, we're really going to see the socialist now. After all, there is nothing stopping him anymore.

jim marquis said...

I honestly think you'll be surprised and pleased, Free. Now that Obamacare is permanent and the auto industry has been saved I really think his main focus will be the deficit. He might have to use the bully pulpit to get the Republicans to compromise but things will get done.

free0352 said...

That man will spend his face off... oh wait no he won't because the House won't let him.

As for why he won, its simple. People traded a vote for a welfare check as I knew they would. However, in the next four years you guys are going to run out of other people's money. Capital Flight is going to be a real buzz word these next few years.

It will be so funny when its Obama who has to institute the austerity measures and the rabble mob is burning him in effigy.

Snave said...

"It will be so funny when its Obama who has to institute the austerity measures and the rabble mob is burning him in effigy."

As if that is a certainty? It is not a certainty. Certainty is one reason why so many Republicans and right-leaning voters are disappointed today.

What could be funnier is if the House loses about 30 of its GOP seats in two years. Or what could be funnier is what will happen to the GOP in about 20 years if it doesn't find ways to make inroads with the growing immigrant and minority population, which is projected to be at least half of our population by then.

The GOP needs to reflect and recalibrate, or it will die. That should be the message the GOP takes from this election. Americans do not overwhelmingly want more religion in government, nor do they want a "tea party" government. And if we on the left don't take charge of the debate by framing the GOP in that manner, we really are fools.

It's time for people like Mitch McConnell to either get out of the way or see their party get steamrolled... The ball is in the Republicans' court now. They can either work to sink America, or they can work to help it swim. They aren't in charge, so they need to actually work with who *is* in charge.

Because of that, I agree with what Jim says. Things will get done. Not in the way you would like to see them getting done, but yes, the focus is going to be the deficit, because that is what it has to be.

free0352 said...

As if that is a certainty? It is not a certainty.

Your social programs are not sustainable. And will fail, in less than 750 days.

At that point we're in national receivership. Obama will have the unenviable choice between destroying the US economy or satisfying the creditors. He won't have the money to pay the bills regardless of his intentions, or his tax increases. If I were Obama, I'd stick a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger to avoid that stress. Its going to get very ugly, and after this reelection his attempts to blame congress or George Bush will fail miserably.

Republicans aren't going to work with you. Are you kidding? If anything they have a fiscal cliff to push the President and this country off and they very well may do it. They way they see it they have nothing to lose.

free0352 said...

I mean really, you guys are all hot and bothered and you barely won in a photofinish. You had a big win in 2008, and last night you squeeked by mostly because so many Republicans were so disgusted with Romney they stayed home. This country is deeply divided, and one half is looking to hurt the other. I'm excited for the fiscal chaos. I want to see the social "safety net" come crashing down, and I'm pretty sure now I'm going to get it on a Democrat's watch no less.

When that happens the progressive failure will be complete. Makes we almost want to twirl my long, evil mustache.

Snave said...

That's a fun image (not of things crashing down, but of you twirling the evil mustache)!