Saturday, November 17, 2012

This Leaves a Bad Taste In My Mouth

Let's talk about who was really greedy at Hostess.


free0352 said...

Doesn't matter who, if anyone.

Your system fails. More and more, you will see this. Ayn Rand was right, Atlas is shrugging. You can cry about the greed while you starve.

Snave said...

I thought Twinkies were so full of preservatives they could survive a nuclear holocaust, and now they're gone without that even happening! For what it's worth, I figure have eaten enough of them (and enough other preservatives) during my lifetime that there should be no need to embalm my body when I die. Is the junk food business trying to put the funeral business out of business in that regard?

What's starving right now (and what will continue to starve, figuratively speaking) is the right wing. They can nourish themselves, but not by sitting around waiting for Ayn Rand's visions to become true. They would be better off excising so much of the emphasis on "moral values" from their platform... just focus on the economy. If they could have focused entirely on the economy, maybe they wouldn't be so hungry right now. I think their need to pander quite probably cost them.

They need to accept the concept of evolution, because it holds them back in more ways than just Evolution versus Creationism.

I think it's time for a three-party system. One, the lefties. Two, the fiscal conservatives. Three, the party based on religion.

jim marquis said...

That could very well be the scenario in 2016, Snave.

free0352 said...

I think its the dems who might want to focus on the economy right now seeing as companies bracing for obamacare taxes are making it crash down right on Barrys head. Good luck blaming Bush this term BTW. The GOP is going to crush you in 14 and there might not be much left of the dems by 16.

jim marquis said...

I will save that last prediction and we can review it in a couple years. Shoud be interesting.

free0352 said...

Bottom line, obamacare payroll taxes are crushing, and now there is no hope of repeal. Noby will hire, most will lay off and many will shut down like the company in your post