Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sympathy for the Devil

I don't know for sure that Mitt will lose today. But if he does, some of it actually won't be his fault. To get the nomination he had to appease a Republican base that has no interest in immigration reform. He had to appease a Republican base that booed a soldier simply because he's gay. He had to appease a Republican base that cheered when Ron Paul advocated that a hospital turn away a dying person because they didn't have insurance. He had to appease a Republican base that completely denies the possibility that the climate is changing. And most importantly, he had to appease a Republican base (and piggish pundits like Limbaugh)who are so out of touch with reality that they consider any woman who takes birth control a slut.


T. Paine said...

And if Obama does lose today, and I pray to God that America will indeed be saved and he thus loses in a landslide, it will be because he has had to appease every far left special interest group in the country. He had to appease those folks that want abortion and contraception on demand, even at the cost of infringing on Constitutional liberties to freedom of practicing one’s religion. He had to appease those that booed God being replaced INTO the Democrat platform. He had to appease the militant homosexual’s agenda. He had to appease the enviro-whackos and thus stifle domestic energy creation thereby doubling the price of our gasoline. He had to appease the devout socialists that wanted and incremental method for one day obtaining a single payer national health care service that has already doubled the costs of the average family. Oh, and he had to appease a nation after inheriting a horrible economic mess from Bush, which he only exacerbated with his policies. Yep, it isn’t really Obama’s fault. It is his base’s. Being that Obama is always quick to pass blame onto others, I wonder if he will blame his base after today’s loss?

Snave said...

Glad to see you are passionate, T. Paine... What will you say if Romney does not win the election?

I think that whichever side loses, they need to admit that it is because they didn't run a good enough candidate. If your party nominates someone and they lose... then your candidate wasn't good enough to win. Seems pretty simple.

I notice Rove and his buddies are already crafting excuses for in case Obama wins, such as "it's because of the storm". No, no... if Obama wins, it's because the GOP nominated a guy that wasn't a good enough candidate to win.

I notice that the Dems are frequently talking about voter suppression and tampering, and we are starting to see some of it coming out in OR and PA... But no, if Romney wins, I think it would be quite possibly because the Dems nominated someone who wasn't a good enough candidate to win.

So, what will you say if Romney doesn't win? Will you agree that it was because the GOP did not nominate someone good enough to win, or will you blame it on outside factors?

I'm not sure what I'll say if Romney wins. Probably a few choice swear words! LOL! But I anticipate I won't be the one doing the swearing come tomorrow morning.