Saturday, November 17, 2012

One Last Flip Flop

After the election was over I figured it was time for Democrats to stop picking on Mitt Romney. But then this past week he once again forgot that humans have recording devices and made a speech basically accusing the president of using bribery to win the election. So, apparently his mea culpa about the 47 percent speech was just as worthless as all those opinions he once held about healthcare, climate change, gay rights and a woman's right to choose.


MRMacrum said...

The Left knew the man was a complete phony before the election. Now the Right has finally figured it out. What I particularly find fascinating is the GOP did not have to throw Mitt under the bus. He volunteered and then jumped under by himself.

jim marquis said...

He's kind of fascinating. I really think he felt like becoming president was his destiny and that's why he was willing to take any conservative position to achieve his ultimate goal.

S.W. Anderson said...

The government is deep in debt. Taxes are at their lowest level since the 1960's. Republicans fight any increase in taxes tooth and nail, while resisting spending that would result in more employment and thus more revenues.

So where, exactly, is Obama getting the money to hand out all this bribes or gifts, or stuff, to use O'Reilly's idiotic term?

Maybe it's Medicare. No, people have to pay for that. Maybe it's Obama care. No, that just ensures millions more can buy private health insurance at more-affordable prices. Medicaid is a gift reserved for the poorest, least able to work people in the country. But if Obama had depended on Medicaid recipients to put him over the top, he'd have Michelle packing the U-Haul for a one-way trip back to Chicago.

For a supposedly smart businessman with two or three college degrees, Romney is woefully uninformed/misinformed about our government and its programs. Good thing he's not going to be in charge of it. George W. Bush set a record for incompetence. We don't need another empty-headed conservative Republican to come along and try to outdo him.