Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Guilt By Association

Dear Republican Party: I know you're hurting right now. Can I offer a small piece of advice? You need to stop hanging out with the right-wing entertainment cartel. They might have been helpful at one time, supplying a certain kind of energy. But this past election shows the majority of the country's population is too smart to fall for the hate talk, conspiracy peddling and veiled racism these people vomit out day after day. Rush Limbaugh dislikes everybody who isn't white, married and over 50 years old. Sean Hannity will be talking about Benghazi until election day 2016. And they all talk about Ronald Reagan so much it's starting to border on some kind of weird political necrophilia. You want people to think you're serious about changing? Cut these clowns loose.


T. Paine said...

Interesting. And you are basing your accusations of Limbaugh's racism on what? Lies from Media Matters that have all been debunked?

One of his best friends, who even officiated at his marriage was Clarence Thomas. His long time call screener and friend, Bo Snerdly is black too. I heard a heck of a lot of praise from Limbaugh for Herman Cain in the primary.

I guess they don't really count though because they are "conservative black people".

jim marquis said...

I'm basing it on what I hear when I listen to his show every day.

Let me put it this way, sir. Clarence Thomas, Bo Snerdley and Herman Cain might all have black skin but I can guarantee you few black people like or respect them.

Snave said...

If Rush calls the First Lady "uppity" that pretty much tells me all I need to know.

free0352 said...

I'm pretty sure Thomas, Cain and a host of other black conservatives would tell the black dems to run away from the liberal plantation so what's your point

S.W. Anderson said...

Strom Thurmond was a racist of the old school, but he certainly did fraternize, to put it politely.

That Limbaugh doesn't take a horsewhip to every black who crosses his path proves nothing. What he opens his big, ugly mouth and says proves plenty.

Re: the timeworn "liberal plantation" idiocy. free0352, you're an archaic piece of work. But if you drop that line in front of Allen West he'll probably offer to make you his volunteer PR rep. I think you'd be a good fit in that position.

In any case, happy Thanksgiving, jim, Paine, Snave and free.

free0352 said...

Agreed on Allen Wests opinion of the statement, and would be proud to work for as great a man as he. He is quote frankly one of me heros, especially for what he did at Camp Taji. This is a soldier who cared more for his men than his career. I'd follow him anywhere.

And in that, he being black and I hispanic- you liberals would still call us unkle toms and race traders as you so frequently do- proving again our respective races are simply property of your political machine in your eyes. Allways have been, hence how well worb the statement sad to say. This of course makes your paternalistic racism all the more offensive as is your blind ignorance of it you bigoted white fuck.

Snave said...

I was always taught that when you're arguing with someone and start name-calling then you've pretty much let the other person win... But that's just a reflection on my conservative upbringing, I guess. That being said, I also hope you are all having some time to relax with friends and family, watch some ball games, enjoy some good food, and to be glad for what you have (or if you're a person of faith, then thankful to your god). I like this time of year, and if not for the commercialism would actually love it... Heck, I guess I love it despite all that stuff! LOL! Whether we agree or disagree on politics, Happy Thanksgiving.