Friday, November 30, 2012

Drip, Drip, Drip

I have to wonder how much more damage will be caused by climate change between now and 2016. Will it be major issue in that election?


free0352 said...

As if we didn't have hurricanes and floods prior to the industrial revolution? The ansewer to your question is likly yes, because we've always had a weather problem that has nothing to do with human beings. Its nature, get a helmet.

jim marquis said...

Yes, we've always had hurricanes and floods. But now we're going to have a whole lot more water in the oceans and because of that, the damage of these storm events will be truly catastrophic.

free0352 said...

That's absurd. Even if they fo raise, it won't make a bit of difference other than -ghasp- beach front property owners might jave to move 30 whole feet back for things to be exactly as they are now. And that's taling the moat alarmist of predictions as fact, which I don't. This whoke idiocy is alarmist drivel. No different from any other apocalyptic cult.

Steve said...

Yeah, we have to care about the ice caps melting. Perhaps we shouldn't be driving all of those SUVs, use all of those jets to fly from Global Warming conference to Global Warming conference, occupy 21,000 square foot houses, etc. al.

Oh- those ice caps I mentioned earlier- they're on Mars.

Our biggest driver of warming? 4 light seconds away. You may know of it as "the sun".

You may also want to go over and talk to one of the groups producing the most methane production on this planet- more than all of our gas-guzzling automobiles- and ask them to cut back on the production... unfortunately, the only thing they'll say to you is "moo".

Now, I have nothing against 'green energy'. Unfortunately, this has been a 'concern' of people since at least President Carter- and even with 35+ years of subsidies, we're no closer to getting affordable energy from those sources than we were back then. How much in government largess is it that we shell out every year to 'green energy' companies, and they're kilowatt-per-hour costs are still 5x-25x above and beyond whatever costs 'normal' energy is?

-- S.

jim marquis said...

Steve- it's one thing to be wrong. It's quite another to be the opposite of clever.

free0352 said...

The problem for you Jim, is he's right and you're wrong.

Steve said...

Jim, feel free to refute my statement with facts.

Looking forward to it, as a matter of fact- I would be interested in knowing what's out there to refute any of what I said.