Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We Wouldn't Elect a Scientologist

It was interesting yesterday when a Ron Paul supporter
attempted to ask Romney about a Mormon doctrine concerning
interracial marriage. Mitt gave a curt one word answer
and moved on (though later he added some softball stuff
about how nice Mormons are to each other).

I think in some ways we've gone overboard on being
sensitive about not questioning the religious
beliefs of political candidates. This is a man
who could potentially become the leader of the country
for at least four years. We deserve to know specifically
why he belongs to this particular religion and what
it's doctrines are.


John Myste said...

I don't see how we could suddenly learn something about Mormonism that would make us not want him, whereas we did before.

S.W. Anderson said...

The reason why is that Romney was born into a Mormon family. As for the faith's history and doctrines, you can find out all about it using Google.

The operative question should be about to what extent, if any, Romney would seek to impose the teachings of his faith on the very diverse American public. Same goes for all other candidates.

Snave said...

The Mormon faith is anathema to many fundamentalist Christians in America. For political conservatives who look past such things, Romney's faith is no big deal. For those who are Christian fundamentalists/conservatives, it often is a very big deal.

I am not a political conservative, nor am I religious. I prefer moderate-to-left candidates who, if they are inclined toward religion, keep their faith a private matter and who do not wish to incorporate it into our system of government.

I'm with S.W. here... the operative question should indeed be as he states.

I grew up in (and still live in) an area where a fairly large percentage of the population is Mormon. Knowing what I know about their general worldview (as dictated by their faith) I would not trust Mitt Romney to successfully resist the temptation to allow his faith to have undue influence on his policy-making any more than I would trust Rick Santorum to avoid similar temptations.

The more the conservative Christians learn about Mitt Romney's faith, the more they will raise a collective eyebrow.

J. Marquis said...

The reason I brought the issue up is because a lot of people in this country (especially back east) have no idea what Mormons believe. I'm not saying it's right or wrong but it definitely veers off from what most Christians believe.

free0352 said...

That's funny because in 1960 they used a similar argument against JFK for being Catholic. How about you focus on Mitt Romney's real issues (and there are many to focus on) as opposed to beating up on Mormons.

Snave said...

Beat up on Mormons? I'd rather just beat up on religion in general. ;-)

J. Marquis said...

Exposing what they believe isn't beating up on them.

free0352 said...

What they believe is available everywhere. Do you not get those CLS commercials every two minutes? They'll even send you a copy of the book of mormon for free.

As for Mormons, their kooky religion isn't any kookier than Buddism, the jewish faith, or evangelical christianity. Hell, it's 5000 times less kooky than Islam.

But just so you know, you sound like a Republican in 1960.

J. Marquis said...

I know what they believe is available everywhere. But that doesn't really mean anything, I know lots of people living in this age of unlimited information who can barely tell you who the current vice president is or if Africa is a continent.

free0352 said...

Perhaps but if people will vote for a guy from Rev. Wright's church they'll vote for a Mormon.

free0352 said...

If you guys really want to beat Romney you'll beat him over the head with the flip-flop thing the way we did you guys with Kerry in 04. You could just run Karl Rove's play book and do just fine. It would be a sure thing. Just re-work the commercials a little bit. Of course you don't have footage of Romney throwing his medals away and lying about fellow veterans but hey... it still shouldn't be that hard.

J. Marquis said...

All we have to do is run a montage of Romney's gaffes...you know, those times he says what he actually thinks.

free0352 said...

He doesn't think anything, he panders. He can refute anything, because he's said everything.

J. Marquis said...

True. It will be interesting to watch him flip-flop now on the things he said during the GOP primaries.

free0352 said...

Oh and I'm sure he will. He's done having to pander to conservatives so as I said on Blonde Sagacity

"He doesn't have to pander to Conservatives anymore so you Republicans will spend the next year face palming more than Paris Hilton's father as he panders to Liberals."

They're going to be sooooooo sorry they let the RNC run over them and elect that moron. Obama is a very vulnerable candidate but the RNC elites were spending more time killing the Tea Party upstarts (who might have taken THEIR jobs and influence) than worrying about winning 2012.