Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quick Spins

I love the new Mark Lanegan cd "Blues Funeral". This guy
used to be in the Screaming Trees. He has one of those
deep, menacing voices that's so good he can practically
just talk through the songs. Thanks to Snave for sending
me a copy.

This was a nice surprise. My friend Dave Downing burned me
a copy of the new Kathleen Edwards cd "Voyageur". I'd heard
she was a great songwriter but was also pleased with the
variety of styles on this album.

Todd Rundgren has a fun new live cd out. He got together
with some old friends and recreated one of my all-time
favorite albums "Todd" (from 1974).

I'm not impressed with the new Air cd. It reminds me of that
joke from the film Annie Hall: The food here is terrible and
the portions are way too small.


David said...

I think the "Air" CD is just its contributions to the movie "Hugo." Is that right?

Also: boy, you better hope the CD police dogs don't come sniffing after you with all this open talk of pirated music, man...

David said...

Oops. Make that Air's soundtrack to Georges Méliès 'A Trip To The Moon' (the famous movie by the filmmaker featured in "Hugo").

J. Marquis said...

I guess I'm it pirated if you purchase it and then make a copy for me? Nobody ever seemed to make an issue about homemade cassette tapes back in the day.

Snave said...

I sent him an actual copy of the CD. ;-)

Snave said...

The Lanegan is excellent. It has a grimy, dirty feel of desperation and despair about it, mixed in with some relentless determination and an icy voice that competes with the best. Gotta love it!

"Todd" is one of my favorite Rundgren albums, I have a feeling this new one would be lots of fun.

Kathleen Edwards has a great voice. I think of her as a sort of female Neil Young... looking forward to hearing her new one.

Too bad about the Air... I liked a good deal of "Pocket Symphony".

J. Marquis said...

Well, not everybody feels the same way as I do about the Air cd. I've read some good reviews. Mostly I was just miffed it was only 31 minutes long.

Scott said...

Ah, love Kathleen Edwards. And that Todd bloke isn't bad either :-)

This reminds me, I need to do a couple of posts on my blog about what I've been listened to (new albums by Shearwater, Sharon Van Etten, First Aid Kit, The Jezabels)and seeing gig wise.

J. Marquis said...

Scott- if you want to order the Todd cd it's only ten dollars American at

David said...

Darn good point about no one ever getting upset (that I know of) about cassette tapes, Mr. M...