Friday, March 30, 2012

Conservatives, Be Careful What You Wish For

I'm not particularly upset about the possibility of
Obamacare being overturned. And that's because I
know we can't simply go on the way we are now and
a better, simpler solution like the single payer
option now looks a whole lot more attractive.

I know people who work in the health insurance
business and even they acknowledge things have
to change one way or another.


free0352 said...

I'd like to adjust the chart even more and have it read

Your Money

That's it. Leave the government and the insurance company which uses the government to maintain a monopoly out of it all together.

S.W. Anderson said...

There are good reasons why no other major industrial country allows health care to be a profit-making enterprise. That rules out a mass market for private-sector health insurance in those countries. All those other countries have government-run health care systems or hybrids where government and/or heavily regulated companies offer insurance.

And, in all those other countries, people have more confidence in and express more satisfaction with, the system they have than Americans do about our system. Also in those countries, polls show people are more confident and content generally than Americans are.

Oddly, Americans spend more per capita per year on health care than the people in those other major industrial countries, by a wide margin.

Can anyone believe we have the best system in the world, and can continue on the path we're on now without a major intentional change, or major unplanned upheaval?

J. Marquis said...

Sorry, Free. The rest of us have to live in 2012.

free0352 said...

Per Capita I'm sure they do, as the cost is redistributed from the rich. Hence, you like the idea.

Also I'd note, ever since European countries tried this the quality of their care fell and anyone who can hope to afford private insurance gets it. The rest on the waiting lists save their pennies and go to America or India for medical tourism.

That's European countries, the ones in Cuba, North Korea and China simply die having never seen a doctor. Unless they're lucky enough to be a party member.

free0352 said...

Think about this. If you work a job, you have your insurance payments taken out of your check. Something to the tune of 300-500 dollars. More if you smoke.

If you pay for private insurance on your own, you pay like 700 dollars a month.

In addition to this, you also pay taxes that fund medical treatment.

All told, people spend between 500-1000 a month average on insurance. Not medical care mind you, insurance. When they do get medical care, they pay co-pays.

I say... don't pay any of this! When you don't need medicine, don't pay anything! Zero, nothing! Cheap as it gets. Now lets say you get cancer, and end up with a medical bill that's like... Oh I don't know we'll say an even million dollars. Then after you start working again, you can just pay the damn bills on an installment plan. You're going to pay the money anyway if you get sick... and if you don't you put it in your pocket. Makes more sense than handing the government or an insurance company money for no good reason when you're perfectly healthy.