Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Car Elevator Candidate

It's amazing that even though the president is dealing with Iran, high gas prices,unemployment, Syria, a review of his healthcare law, Afghanistan and a multitude of other national problems his approval rating is markedly better than Mitt Romney's.


Snave said...

I agree with the author on two points in particular... one, Obama should be considered the favorite at this point, and two, there definitely is a long way to go before November.

But to hear some conservatives talk, everybody hates Obama and the presidential election is in the bag for the GOP. That's obviously just bluster. As long as more than half of the country thinks Obama is doing an OK job, it might not even hurt him so much if the Supreme Court strikes down a vital component or two of his Affordable Health Care plan... if they do that, for all we know it could just serve to anger Democrats enough to galvanize them.

The author also mentions that the left shouldn't be complacent. He is right, the stakes are far too high this time for complacency. And for as much as some naysayers like to say there is no difference between the two major political parties, voters will be making a clear choice this time because there will be two candidates who starkly contrast each other in both style and substance.

At least we know one candidate will not be wetting a finger and holding it up to see which way the wind is blowing every few minutes. They all change their tone and rhetoric in accordance to their audience and their circumstances, but to believe Mitt Romney can consistently hold a view without changing his mind for more than a few days at a time borders on folly. If the drivers on the left do their job, this trait of his will be pointed out in a brutal way during the next six months. And of course when it comes to this, Romney is probably his own worst enemy, as the cartoon you chose illustrates.

J. Marquis said...

People who claim there's no difference between the GOP and the Democrats are just lazy morons.

free0352 said...

Nah, that is not particularly suprizing.