Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Extreme Republicanism

The GOP presidential campaign has become a contest to see
who can be viewed as the most black and white thinker.



Demeur said...

Love it. Only wish you could take over for the notorious Distributorcap. How far right can these guys go?

Snave said...

I hadn't been to Distributorcap's page for a long time. What happened, Demeur?

Thanks for the article, J. It is a masterpiece. I have always liked reading Cohen, and our local paper used to run his column once a week. Nowadays the token lefty columnist is Dana Milbanks, who I don't find nearly as insightful (the rest of the week we get junk like George F. Will, Rich Lowry, Mona Charen and other such far-right opinionators).

J. Marquis said...

Who the hell is Distributorcap?