Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Governor is Watching

Rachel Maddow did an excellent piece last night on the bait
and switch tactics of some of the recently elected Republican

During the campaign they all claimed to be "small
government" guys who desperately wanted to get those
darn bureaucrats out of our businesses and personal

Funny how that's working out. The governor of Michigan
has more or less declared financial martial law, the
governors of Wisconsin and Ohio are busy trying to
strip away the rights of public employees to collectively
bargain and Rick Scott in Florida is demanding that
state employees be drug tested every 45 days.

Can you imagine living down there... your state has
been seriously damaged by the recession and lots and
lots of important programs need to be slashed. But
here comes the new governor with a plan to waste
millions and millions of dollars checking if Joe
in accounting smoked a joint last weekend.

And here's the real punchline...Scott's wife runs
a company that (you guessed it) does drug testing.

This guy needs to be recalled and thrown out of
the mansion as soon as possible.


free0352 said...

Well I happen to be a resident of Michigan, and financial "martial law" is exactly what the state needed... and a tax overhaul which is exactly what my new governor is doing. I was skeptical of him at first, but now I'm very pleasantly surprised. He's taking on BIG MICHIGAN GOVERNEMENT after 8 epically disastrous years of Jennifer Granholm- probably the worst governor in American History- and I for one am relieved.

Snave said...

It will be interesting to see how far these new Republican governors choose to push matters, and to see how the public responds to them. It has always seemed that "too far, too fast" is a great way to generate a negative response. Without bringing any sense of moderation, they are probably digging their own political graves.

Dave Splash said...

The entire history of the conservative movement is one big bait and switch after another. Sadly, it keeps working. Despite the mountains of evidence that conservatives have absolutely no idea how to govern, they are masters of media manipulation. The media never calls them out their blatant deception.

Did Wisconsin's Gov Walker campaign by telling the people he was going to eliminate collective bargaining AND that, as governor, court orders don't apply to him. No. Did Michigan's governor campaign by saying he would appoint town managers who, without being elected to anything, can unilaterally fire mayors from any city and run the government as if he were king? No. But that's what they did, and none of it even merits a mention in the media.

Hell, even the teabagging national GOP with all their talk of cuts and whatnot, will actually increase the debt with their silly riders that they attach to every bill.

Is it finally safe to say the media is nearly 100% in the tank for the Republicans?

Snave said...

It does tend to adopt the right-wing lingo and it does tend to keep right-wing talking points in the news for weeks at a time. If not 100%, it is getting pretty close.

"Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one."

As it was pointed out at another blog, why do you think that the news of GE not paying any taxes was not mentioned much or played up at all at NBC and the nefariously liberal MSNBC?

Think about that one.

T. Paine said...

Yeah, that damned right wing media!

Never mind that Stephen Lerner and a bunch of his commie bastard buddies devised a plan that basically amounts to economic terrorism to bring the country to its knees and hardly a single peep was heard on the "right wing media" about it. Particularly interesting in light of Lerner's connections to Obama and his visits to the White House.

Lonnie said...

Obama is the king of bait and switch. He said he would close Gitmo. Didn't happen. He said if we pass his stimulus that unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. Didn't happen. He said that he was going to have the most transparent government ever. Didn't happen. It goes on and on.

Tom Harper said...

We need some massive recall action in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. I don't have a problem with their agenda as much as the slippery bait-and-switch methods they're using.

Michigan just passed a law reducing unemployment benefits. The wording of this law was quietly inserted into a bill that was supposedly increasing unemployment benefits.

Scott Walker never mentioned a f*ckin' word about prohibiting collective bargaining until a month after the 2010 election. But that hasn't stopped him and his hordes of useful idiots from chirping "oh, he's just doing what he told the voters he was gonna do."

And speaking of Big Brother disguised as "limited government" -- Ohio has a new law making it illegal for any construction project to post a sign saying the project is using federal stimulus funds.

J. Marquis said...

Setting a goal and failing to achieve it is not the same as bait and switch.

free0352 said...

You know why Obama can't close Gitmo... because once he was elected the military had a come to jesus talk whith him and real quick he figured out what kind of psychopaths we put in there.

Heck, that's why he went with the military tribunals!

As for the Michigan Governor... good luck. All the liberals moved away because they were starving to death on Jenny Granholm's welfare rolls. That's why Detroit alone lost headline making population. Red Sea is here to stay baby!

Lonnie said...

I agree with you there Jim. Obama is a failure

T. Paine said...

"Setting a goal and failing to achieve it is not the same as bait and switch."

You are right Jim, but what about setting a goal that you never had any intention of trying to achieve?

free0352 said...

Didn't you know Paine, you just vote present and say hope a lot.

Thomas Price said...

Isn't it interesting that the GOP governor way to protect our freedom is to give dictatorial power to a strong man and lock everyone else out. Oh, but some folks in Russia fondly remember the good old days of smiling Joe Stalin. Strong and reassuring, he sure protected folks freedom.

Sometimes you just need strong leadership, or even "financial martial law" to keep folks in line. I wonder what "financial martial law" has to do with a free market economy. Can someone explain that? Some folks with capital get to bargain, but others without, or just labor as their only asset get restricted. We restrict their power to bargain, but not others. How any self-professed libertarian can wrap their head around that, I cannot imagine. It is a double standard only a monopoly capitalist could love.

I am reminded of Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Oct: "But he is a tried and valiant soldier."

Ant: "So too is my horse, Octavius, and for that I do appoint him store of provender. It is a creature that I teach to fight, to wind, to stop, to run directly on. His corporal will governed by my spirit. . . . do not talk of him, but as property."

And to the monopoly capitalist, strongman, that is exactly what labor is, jut another piece of property.

But in monopoly capitalism, some property is more equal than other property. It is not a free market. And the GOP talks about it, but believes it? Not at all.

free0352 said...

I wonder what "financial martial law" has to do with a free market economy

I'm pretty sure government in general has nothing to do with a free market economy, that's why these governors are taking control of them. They don't apply to the free market, government just ruins it.

Geniusofdespair said...

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